Henna Hair Colors: HERBAL HENNA HAIR COLORS are a fine blend of Natural Henna powder and / or Indigo powder as the main ingredient and a variety of natural herbs to make 100 % Natural Hair Colors, free of any chemicals

HENNA BASED NATURAL HAIR COLORS – Deep Orange, Red, Lemon Yellow & Golden Yellow.
INDIGO BASED NATURAL HAIR COLORS – Indigo Blue, Golden Brown & Brown.


These Natural Hair Colors do not contain any chemicals are made of pure natural herbal ingredients only and are well accepted by people who wish to use chemical – free hair colors only. However, being totally Natural products, these Hair Colors need time & patience to apply for a longer duration of time and the wait for the color to appear over the first 24 hours. The color remains on the hair for 7 to 10 days and a regular use of the Natural Hair Colors stops whitening of hair over a period of time.