MEHENDI OIL – Mehendi Oil is essentially Eucalyptus Oil and is proven to be the best for long lasting and darker Henna tattoos.

MEHNDI POWDER – Natural Henna Powder for body decoration is triple sifted and is very fine. No particles remain to clog the Henna application tool. It leaves a dark brown or deep burnt – orange temporary tattoo. The color and intensity will vary depending on what part of the body it is used and how long it is applied.

MEHNDI PASTE – Natural, Black & Colored Henna Paste – For enhancing the beauty of body parts using Natural Henna with convenience, Henna paste comes in tubes with an applicator nozzle. It is a mixture of Natural Henna powder, Mehandi oil, Water and Preservative. The shelf life of is about 3 months only.
Due to the increased demand for colored Henna paste for making body Tattoos, Henna Paste is also available in Black, Voilet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red colors. The main component is Natural Henna powder, but that is not an all natural product and contains chemicals. A sensitivity test is highly recommended before use.