HENNA KITS are a favorite of people interested in making artistic body designs by themselves. It is a liking among Henna users because one gets to experience the fun of mixing own fresh Henna Paste or the convenience of pre – made paste, which gives superior Henna tattoos last longer on the skin.

HENNA DESIGN BOOKS provide indepth knowledge with deep details visually on how to be successful at drawing your own Mehandi designs by way of self – practice.

HENNA TATTOOS STENCILS are used to make designs on the body using Henna and are available in several artistic designs like sun signs, arm & belly bands, hand & feet designs, belly buttons, neck laces, human back & shoulder buttons in celtic, tribal, zodiac, dragons, snakes, birds, butterflies, flowers, lion, dolphin, dinosaur, eagle and many more designs. Since these are made of PVC and not of rubber, the clarity of the designs is much superior and the design impression is very clear.