SonarK Henna Hair Care Products – SonarK Henna Hair Oil, SonarK Henna Shampoo, SonarK Herbal Henna Shampoo & SonarK Henna Hair Conditioner are made of Natural Henna extract as the active ingredient. These products impart the valuable properties of Henna to our hair in an easy to use form, in our daily life. All the products are available in both 100 & 200 ml bottles

SonarK Henna Shampoo is an easy to use, rinse-off and frothy cream shampoo that leaves the hair soft, shiny, full of body and protects from the dry effects of the sun.

SonarK Herbal Henna Shampoo contains Henna and other botanical extracts to condition hair and to improve its manageability. It also detangles hair, which reduces the need for tugging and over brushing.

SonarK Henna Hair Conditioner contains all the goodness of Henna which imparts a final touch in Hair Care.

SonarK Henna Hair Oil replenishes nutrients back to the scalp and hair, provides nourishment to the hair with a natural smoothness which has been lost due to over exposure to sunlight, excessive blow drying and perming.