HENNA APPLICATOR BOTTLE: Applicator bottles come with special applicator metal tips which help artist to create fine lines in designs and tattoos, it is also used for creating outlines of artistic designs for body art. Henna designing is a real popular art work and good tools help artists in creating better designs and tattoos.

Henna tattoos and henna designing is very much popular across the globe. It needs better applicator tips for getting better control over henna application, complex designs require more patience and control, in other way these tips help creative artists to be more playful and be more precise with their artistic designs.

S2 International presents this bottle in 1/2 ounce capacity with 3 Metal Tips of the size 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.9 mm are used for making fine line henna designs of varying thickness. These bottles are made of soft plastic for easy squeezing and the Metal Tips are made of special metal alloy which does not rust.

Our Henna Applicator Bottle is reusable and can be used several times over a period of long time.These bottles are not only used for henna application but also can be used for applying other types of colors and gel as well.