SonarK Henna Hair Colors – Our Henna Hair Color Dyes are also available in a 60 grams box pack of 6 sachets of 10 grams each in 9 colors under our brand name – SonarK

SonarK Natural Black Henna turns grey / white hair to Natural Black color, just like the natural colour of our Black hair.

SonarK Natural Brown Henna gives Natural Brown colour to the grey / white hair like the natural colour of our brown hair.

SonarK Chestnut Henna for a darker brown shade to your brown hair.

SonarK Dark Brown Henna gives a black brown tone but without the blackish tint.

SonarK Blonde Henna turns grey / white hair to golden brown colour.

SonarK Auburn Henna for a reddish brown color to grey / white hair.

SonarK Wine Red Henna for a deep red hair color.

SonarK Burgundy Henna for a reddish tone to the hair with brown base.

SonarK Chestnut Mahogany Henna for a deep reddish brown hair colour.